Persons who do business with MEDICARE HELLAS consider it to be a company with a strong personality and a human face.

Our reputation as a flexible, trustworthy and responsible business partner was forged mainly by the people that work for the company and who faithfully serve its vision and goals from their own position in the company. As a result of the company’s rapid growth, the company has hired qualified executives to meet its increasing needs.

The company aims to continue to attract highly trained executives, aspiring to become a member of the dynamic MEDICARE HELLAS team.


  • The Customer and Sales Support Department
    Receiving and immediate execution of orders and coordination of deliveries.
  • The Procurements/Logistics Department
    The department is in constant contact with the company’s suppliers and checks inventory.
  • The Exports Department
    The receiving of international orders and constant coordination of the export activity.
  • The Sales and Marketing Division
    Coordinates and organizes the network of salespersons in order to provide advisory support to healthcare professionals and promote the company’s products. The division carries out actions to promote the entire company. The company also offers comprehensive proposals and services for organising and equipping medical centres and healthcare units.
  • Sales Development Division
    Investigates new opportunities in the Greek market and abroad aiming in adding new innovative products and services to its portfolio, broadening the network of associates and clients and developing further markets of interest.
  • The Tenders and Offers Department
    Ensures that the company participates effectively in Public sector tender procedures.
  • The Finance Division
    Designs and manages financial resources. The accounting department is completely computerised.


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